Letters to Newspapers


When your letter is printed in a newspaper you reach thousands of people. It is very difficult to get letters printed in national newspapers (and most letters are in response to an article already printed in that paper) but far more likely in local newspapers.

Letters to local papers don’t necessarily need to be in response to something already printed, you can write about any issue that concerns you locally such as animal circuses that have been in the region.

Check the letters page to see how long letters can be and how to submit them. Newspapers will generally only accept short letters and longer ones may be rejected or edited thus losing crucial points you raise.

Most newspapers now have articles on their websites with the opportunity for people to respond on-line. This is an ideal opportunity to start a debate where you can respond quickly and in more detail, but don’t forget to reply to ongoing debates in the actual newspaper too.

Letters don’t have to have a negative response. If a circus is coming to your town, mention alternatives like animal-free circuses and state how they are the better option. You can also suggest that readers contact Freedom for Animals for a free information pack (include our ‘phone number).

Make sure you include your name, address, and telephone number. Some newspapers verify authorship before printing letters but you can ask them not to print your details.

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