Circuses in Ireland


The number of animal circuses in Ireland, and the species they use, varies fromcircus year to year, sometimes even within the touring season (which usually lasts from February to December). The information on this website is kept updated as much as possible.

Most of these circuses tour both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland during their season.

For a list of animal-free circuses, please click here.


Animal circuses in 2012 are:

Courtney Brother’s Circus

Tom Duffy’s Circus

Fossett’s Circus

Circus Gerbola

Circus Amora has toured without animals but is planning to introduce them.

See the resources page for information on specific circuses

In 2012 these circuses had a total of 58 animals – 16 of wild species, 42 of domestic species.


Freedom for Animals Investigation

In 2012 Freedom for Animals carried out an investigation of animal circuses in Ireland.  Read the findings here. Watch the short investigation video here.

This study follows on from a previous study in 2006.Click here to read the 2006 report and watch our video here.


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