Our work

Our work consists of focused campaigning and advocacy surrounding (although not limited to) our three key issues: Circuses, Zoos and the Exotic Pet Trade.

We employ a variety of methods of campaigning across all of these areas, in order to ensure the best results possible.

What we do:

Lobby decision-makers in both local and central government in order to influence legislative and regulatory change.

Carry out investigations (both overt and covert) into concerns raised about specific establishments. Our investigations provide high quality and reliable evidence to government agencies, regulatory bodies, the media and the general public in order to affect positive change.

Raise public awareness on the issues surrounding our major campaigns via the media, our supporter networks and provision of educational resources – allowing informed decision making.

Provide support, advice and campaigning materials to local animal protection groups and individuals to facilitate peaceful campaigning action

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You can support our work by clicking HERE to become a member of Freedom for Animals.

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