Ring of Cruelty: Irish circuses exposed

Animals in circuses live a life of restriction, cages, chains and constant transportation. All for a few minutes performing in the ring in the name of ‘entertainment’.

In the summer of 2006 the Captive Animals’ Protection Society investigated animal circuses across Ireland to expose how the animals are treated and housed. A vet experienced in the behaviour and welfare of wild animals in captivity accompanied our investigators on some of these visits.

We found that many animals live restricted lives, confined to pens and cages, or chained by the legs; the circuses move on a regular basis (sometimes twice a week); some animals even face gruelling journeys of up to 1,000 miles from across Europe to appear in Irish circuses.

Our findings are revealed in a new 10-minute video containing footage from Freedom for Animals investigations at Irish circuses in 2006 and 2003. We have also produced two reports detailing the conditions the animals have to endure in the name of entertainment.

It’s time to end the ‘ring of cruelty’.

Click here to watch the video

Click here to read the full report updated January 2007 (in pdf format 3MB)

Click here to read the summary report (in pdf format 3MB)

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