Write to your Assembly Member

In 2011, the Green Party in Northern Ireland are spearheading a campaign to call for a ba on the use of wild animals in circuses at parliamentary level. You can also help end animal cruelty by writing to your Assembly Members, calling on them to take action and support this motion. Use information on this web site

Write to your Assembly Member at:
Northern Ireland Assembly
Parliament Buildings
Tel: 028 9052 1333

On the Northern Ireland Assembly web site you will be able to find out who your Assembly Members are and how to contact them click here for details.

Report a circus

Have you seen anything at an animal circus that concerned you?
Then let us know!

Many people do not realise that some circuses still use animals, and even then may visit the circus thinking that the animals are probably well cared for.

But members of the public regularly contact animal protection organisations to complain at the way animals are treated in circuses.

These reports are vital to assist us in exposing the treatment of animals in circuses.

If you have seen things in an animal circus that concern you, please let us know. Click here for more details.

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