Cork city council bans animal circuses

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

On 31 March 2008 councillors at Cork City Council voted in favour of a motion by Socialist Party councillor Mick Barry to ban circuses with wild animal acts from council land.

As Freedom for Animals’ campaign against animal circuses in Ireland gains speed and spreads across the country more councillors are submitting motions to ban the outdated practice from council land.

Freedom for Animals welcomes these bans as a sign that animal circuses are increasingly not welcome by the public and forward-thinking local authorities. We encourage other councils to also implement bans on animal circuses as the first step towards a national ban.

We are working with councillors across the whole of Ireland to put forward motions in their area.

If you are a councillor interesting in raising this issue locally, or a member of the public wanting your council to act, contact Freedom for Animals for advice and support.

If you are aware of any councils meeting to vote on this issue please do let us know as soon as possible. The more time we have the greater the opportunity that we can provide all councillors with up to date and detailed information on animal circuses in Ireland.

Although Freedom for Animals is based in the UK we work closely with animal protection organisations throughout the whole of Ireland and are the major source of information on the issue.

What can you do

– Boycott circuses with performing animals

Become a Freedom for Animals supporter – you can help to make a difference

– Write to your Assembly Member/TD, asking them to support a ban animal use in circuses. Contact details can be found HERE for Republic of Ireland and HERE for Northern Ireland

– Write to your local newspaper highlighting what is wrong with circuses.

Send a donation to help our campaigns – your contribution is vital.

Click HERE to get involved in our campaigns in the Republic of Ireland and HERE to get involved in Northern Ireland contact us to join our e-mail list.

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